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Nicholas Berger holds BFA and MFA degrees from Alfred University. He has taught art at the undergraduate level. Nickís career as an artist spans three decades and has brought him national and international acclaim for his paintings. A listed artist, having sold through Sothebyís, Bergerís work is sought by discriminating collectors. Nicholas Berger paintings are found in the private collections of a former U.S. President and well-known entertainers. Considered a great American artist, his work has international appeal, as evidenced by a sold-out two-man show with Andrew Wyeth in Tokyo.

Nicholas Bergerís paintings have the power to draw the viewer into the heart of the scene, interacting with each individual in a personal way. Having worked for several decades in watercolor, his recent work consists of Hudson River landscapes painted in oil. In this new medium, viewers will continue to find the sensitivity reminiscent of Bergerís watercolors, the beauty of his signature detail work, and the subtlety and fine nuances that continue to place his work among the best.

Nicholas Berger lives in the Hudson Highlands, enjoying the natural beauty of an area that has inspired American artists since the earliest days.


  • Nicholas Berger is a listed artist, having sold at least a dozen works through Sothebys Auction House.
  • Long-term working relationship with Joe Willard for 15+ years, gallery in Pittsford, NY.
  • Sold out Two-Man Show in Tokyo with Andrew Wyeth.
  • In private collections, including that of a former U.S. President, several well-known actors, and other serious collectors, & many corporate collections

Additional selections may be available at the gallery.

Pricing available upon request.†

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