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Acclaimed by art critics represented in prominent and distinguished collections throughout Europe, Ramon Vilanova is one of the great landscape painters living in Europe. His works have brought him more than 30 1st place prizes in major competitions. His paintings are featured in the permanent collection of many museums, a further testament to the credibility and importance of this extraordinary artist.

Vilanova works exclusively “plein-air”, at that time and place, giving his compositions a special sensitivity, an emotional experience of the scene he has chosen to commit to canvas. He needs fully to experience the environment in order to paint, not just view the scene... He must smell the flowers… He must be caressed by the breezes... He must experience the light streaming and filtering through the foliage and against the backgrounds. The overall feel is critical to his ability to create his paintings. A photograph or remembrance will not suffice; only real life can fulfill the need.

You notice weeds, errant branches and leaves in his paintings, because he paints only what he sees. Nature, like life, is imperfect and Ramon, in his work, shows us all of nature, not only perfect beauty. This uncorrected beauty is captured perfectly, as the paintings are perfect in their representation of the scene as the artist has felt them that day, in that moment.

Ramon was born and raised near Barcelona, Spain. He continues to live and to create in these idyllic surroundings in rural Catalonia to the north. His love of the landscape is deep and he senses instinctively how to capture its beauty, as he is thoroughly a part of it.

His technique is at once complex and unusual, yet necessary, so that he can infuse the paintings with the sense of what he wishes to convey. He stains his canvases by generously spreading oil paints on with a spatula. Then, still using the spatula, he models and organizes the oils into his representation of the landscape before him. Occasionally, he will further utilize a “dripping and splattering” technique analogous and reminiscent of the works of abstract expressionism. Vilanova’s drippings are more contained, but appear in the canvas as an integrating element. All of the artist’s creations are complex and symphonic in nature.

The artist has a remarkable, intuitive understanding of color. Several prominent European art critics have described Ramon as a “colorist” as his works contain a palette that by its subject matter demands the nuance and surprise of color so that we may properly interpret his sense of immediacy. Vilanova is an instinctive painter with a need to paint, in tune with his environment, he is acutely aware of the tonalities and half tones that light creates with color.

The world of landscape is what intrigues him... a farmhouse in a field, an island offshore, an urn overflowing with flowers in a private garden, a field of brilliant wildflowers, or even an errant weed.

Vilanova is a self-taught artist, who, though fairly new to the U.S. art market, has been exhibiting in Europe with great success since the early 1970s. He has continued to refine and further define his craft and interpretation to where he really has no contemporary peer in the visual and emotional interpretation of landscapes and seascapes.

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